Which medal to choose for a civil or religious baptism?

Although traditionally the choice of a baptism medal is left to the godfather or godmother, customs are tending to change. Today, other people close to the baptised child can offer this symbolic jewel on the occasion of a civil or religious baptism. But how do you choose a modern baptism medal and on what criteria should you base your decision?

Civil or religious baptism? A symbolic event

Whether civil or religious, baptism is an important ceremony in a child's life. This symbolic step, which takes place either in church or at the town hall, is an opportunity to celebrate the birth of a new being and to reunite the whole family, with or without religious connotations. The biggest difference between a religious baptism and a civil baptism concerns faith. Religious baptism is a sacrament and symbolises the entry of a child or adult into the Christian religion. It is favoured by believing families. The godfather and godmother thus have the role of accompanying the baptised person on the path of faith. Conversely, civil baptism is not sacred. It is used to celebrate the birth of a child and is generally practised by atheist families. The godfather and godmother make a moral commitment in this context to replace the parents in case of failure or disappearance. Whether religious or civil, this event is an opportunity to offer a baptismal gem that the child will keep as a souvenir of this happy and unifying moment for the rest of his or her life. It is a highly symbolic gift that often crosses generations.

The angel medal for a baptism: symbol and meaning

Some models of medals are suitable for both civil and religious christening gifts. For this purpose, neutral symbols and representations should be chosen. Considered as pure and protective spirits, angels can be represented as men or babies with wings, the latter symbolising their immaterial character. The halo is a symbol of holiness, even though it is of pagan origin. Thus, offering an angel medal for a religious baptism is in a way offering religious protection to a child through the symbolism of the guardian angel. Whether they are represented in the form of Cherubim, Archangels, Seraphim or Angels, all are messengers and are mentioned in the scriptures of the three monotheistic religions. Like a benevolent presence, the angel depicted on a religious medal is meant to watch over the child who wears it. By offering this symbolic gift to a little girl or boy, you give him or her confidence in life and assure them that a guardian angel is watching over them at all times. To inspire you, there are many models of angel medals on amglacouronne.com. As for the angel symbol at a civil baptism, it is simply a matter of associating the figure of the angel with that of the child in a loving way. Which parent hasn't nicknamed his little blond head "my little angel"? Which member of the family has not watched the child sleep peacefully and said "he looks like an angel"? Similarly, a guardian angel can be considered to be looking after the child in a caring way even without being a believer, especially if the child needs reassurance in the early years of his or her life.

How to choose an angel medal for a baptism?

Traditionally, it is the godmother who offers the baptism medal to the child. But, in agreement with the parents, other relatives can also take care of it. For example, grandparents can offer to give the medal as a gift. There are many models of christening medals with an engraved or drawn angel, to be chosen according to the relationship one has with the child and one's own tastes. As far as materials are concerned, gold is used for this jewel. While white gold is generally ideal for a christening gift for a boy, pink gold is particularly suitable for an angel medal for a girl. Both white and pink gold have become very fashionable in recent years. For a modern christening medal, you can also linger on a stylish collection with medals with a resolutely refined look. They come in all sizes and for all tastes, in yellow, white or pink gold. The trend is also towards Minis, especially for younger christenings or those who wish to remain discreet. It is composed of a whole range of small medals with the angel motif in particular. These adorable little jewels can be worn as pendants or bracelets and will sometimes be easier to wear from day to day. Do not hesitate to accompany the jewel with a personalised engraving. Engraving has the advantage of acquiring a completely custom-made christening jewel. Several pieces of information can be engraved such as the first name, the date of birth of the baptised person or the baptism, interlaced initials, a small quotation, etc. A souvenir that he will probably keep for the rest of his life.

Our pieces of advice for a modern baptism

Various elements can modernize a civil or religious baptism, an extremely ancient and traditional event. For example, it is possible to choose an original theme or a theme in the era of time for the party accompanying the event, such as Alice in Wonderland, greed, butterflies... Combine the chosen theme with a designer cake and all the ingredients will be there to surprise your guests. To keep the guests busy, it is possible to organise entertainment. The installation of a photobooth or the purchase of a fashionable Polaroid guarantees everyone a good time of fun and memories as a thank you. Similarly, in addition to the traditional guest book, why not install a print tree or wish tree? Yet another way to get guests involved. Finally, any modern christening also and above all involves choosing a gift in the age of time. The other guests will be tempted by a Petit Ange blanc outfit or hat, perfectly suited to the event. Several gift ideas for christenings can also be found on our website.
Baptism: which jewel to choose?
How to choose a baptism medal?

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