Baptism: which jewel to choose?

Whether civil or religious, a child's baptism is always an important event. On the occasion of this ceremony, the young child traditionally receives a bracelet or a medal. Discover our range of children's jewellery without delay. Usually the chain and the christening medal are offered by the child's godfather and godmother. They can also be offered by the grandparents. To avoid making any mistakes, don't forget to ask the newborn's parents.

Religious baptism

We have dedicated a collection of personalised jewellery to religious baptism. Jesus Christ cross, Occitan cross or david star, you will certainly find the symbol you need. If you are looking for a bracelet, several models are available. You will find token bracelets with an openwork cross and medal bracelets with a religious charm. For pendants, you will find medallions with a mimosa cross, celestial cross and occitan cross. Each bracelet and necklace can be personalised with the child's first name and/or date of birth.

Republican baptism

If you don't want religious jewellery for your child, you will still find what you are looking for in Little Treasures. For the christening of a little girl, we recommend our princess pendant. Available in gold-plated and silver, this necklace will delight all little girls. You can personalise your pendant by choosing the colour of the cord and the engraved message. Same principle for the mini token bracelets available with 4 shapes: heart, dove, round or star. For a boy, you will undoubtedly be more convinced by our necklace plaques the daring one or the necklace plaques the courageous one. If you prefer a bracelet, we recommend the star and round mini token bracelets. These are engravable and available in silver.
Which medal to choose for a civil or religious baptism?
How to choose a baptism medal?

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