Which jewellery for which morphology?

Handmade jewellery is supposed to enhance your beauty. Well chosen, these jewels can only enhance you. Would you like to discover the shape and size of the earrings, necklace or ring that match your silhouette but how to choose the jewellery? Please browse through the following guide. Here are all pieces of advice that will help you choose your chic handmade ethnic Indian jewellery is provided to make sure you slim down and refine your silhouette and look just a little bit slimmer, why not!

Choosing jewellery for women

Here are a few tips on how to showcase your fashion jewellery for different occasions, how to choose the right jewellery and how to wear it in style. It can be difficult to choose the best jewellery to wear with which clothes and to match with style. Basically, you follow some of the tips below and some ideas on how to match your outfits with your favourite earrings or large necklace. Because wearing jewellery already depends on the circumstances in which you wear it, because you will adapt your clothes to your activity and your day's programme and depending on whether you are going to work, to friends, in the evening, to a wedding or to do your shopping you will obviously not wear the same jewellery.

Choosing your jewellery morphology

We all like to wear jewellery with our clothes and we select them every day according to our mood and style. Once we have chosen our clothes, for our working day or a special occasion, we have to choose the jewellery that will complement our outfit. Men seem to have a little easier than women, a watch is often enough for them . But for women we like it so much that it is sometimes the morning headache. Read more about cleaning your jewellery.

Jewellery morphology in H

With an H-shaped morphology the jewels you go to create dynamics and volume, the jewels can all be complemented, earrings, necklace and bracelet, as long as they are coordinated together. For example if you go to a picnic and dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, you certainly wouldn't be wearing pearls or large diamonds no no no but for example a small chain with a pendant and a cute bracelet that matches would be good choices. Outdoor activities are generally not a good place to wear your most precious gemstone jewellery, and you should choose jewellery that is a little less expensive at the risk of losing or damaging it. You will find all the most practical fashion tips to match your jewellery with your clothes by reading this article.Learn more about buying costume jewellery.

Jewellery for women small

Don't wear too much jewellery when you're small and choose bracelets that cut the silhouette or earrings that aren't too big. Since the dawn of time, silver has been the favourite precious metal of women and jewellery craftsmen throughout the world. Silver jewellery is quality costume jewellery of unparalleled charm which is very popular not only with the women who receive them but also with the men who offer them and sometimes even wear them, and this more and more. Find out more about ethnic fashion. Originality and quality.here is a small introduction to silver jewellery that will allow you to make the right choice of jewellery and create nice looks for every day of the year and for every occasion. All you have to do is find the guide and here you are in good hands. Be careful, if you're looking to make a gift, you'll have to put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to give it to and take into account the criteria that correspond to that person and which necklace with which dress?

Jewellery morphology in A

With an A-shaped morphology play on original earrings and enhance your face. Selecting your silver jewellery A piece of jewellery expresses a person's personality, to offer a trendy girl's jewellery to a woman it is necessary to take into account her morphology, the shape of her face, body and lifestyle. Silver is also a material that is suitable for everyone, to offer a silver jewellery to someone or for oneself is also to be part of the long term. Even more than gold, silver gives an elegant and refined look to women who wear it. It gives a distinguished look that makes you stand out from the crowd and has no flashy side. Oriental or ethnic silver jewellery has the particularity of having a soul, just think about it.

Jewellery morphology in 8

With a morphology in 8 bet on your size adding large original women's bracelet cuff by accumulation. Silver can be associated with all styles of colours, it is both chic and casual, i.e. it will highlight the style you initially chose. In winter it will also bring light and cheerfulness and in summer it will bring softness to a look. Anyway you can wear silver in any season and in any circumstance, it will adapt to the style you want to give. You can wear your silver jewellery in all styles from designer rings to pendant necklaces, multiple bracelets or original or costume feather earrings.

Jewellery morphology in O

With a morphology in 0 you can wear everything rather long, hanging jewellery rather than wide. For a chic and distinguished evening, silver jewellery will always be appropriate, you can also choose them with small precious or semi-precious stones according to your desires and your taste. Silver drop earrings are by far the most beautiful and the ones that best showcase a woman's beauty. As for the unusual women's jewellery necklace, the long chain necklace has a lot of style as well as multiple bracelets, all of the same colour, silver of course. Buying a piece of jewellery is not so easy, because you have to choose it according to your tastes but also by choosing those that will make you look good.

Round women's jewellery

Light-skinned women need to use jewellery to shine, so for blondes, gold jewellery will be perfect for you. They will bring a touch of warmth to your skin. Colourful jewellery should also be in pink, blue or green, especially if your eyes are in those shades. Cold colours will not be for you, especially if you are blonde, as they will hold your complexion. For golden skins, you can consider warm colours such as gold but also silver which will stand out on your tanned skin. Black skins will look great with silver, white gold, diamonds and anything else that shines. There is no rule that you can wear everything when you are round, the main thing is not to sulk in jewellery that is too small. And what blue dress jewellery?

V-shaped jewellery

With a V-shaped morphology give volume to the lower body with the help of a fancy necklace. Some jewels will have the power to highlight you and hide your weak points. For example, long earrings or a necklace will tend to refine the silhouette and make it look slimmer. If you want to highlight your bust, you can attract attention with a necklace and pendant placed on your bust at the right height. More info on which long dress jewellery.
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