How to choose your jewellery which colour morphology?

This article will help you choose your original costume jewellery of quality or luxury according to your morphology. If we consider the number of accessories a woman uses to adorn an outfit, the list could well be very long. There is only one particularly cherished by women, and that is jewellery. But what kind of jewellery with a black dress?

How do you choose your jewellery?

A woman or a man chooses his modern jewellery with care to match it with taste because it will be the accessory that will best personalise their outfit. They are the sensitive or colourful touch of an everyday or ordinary outfit. Now some women will be more attached to choosing their designer jewellery according to their personality, the occasion, fashion trends or the outfit they wear. But don't worry through the different articles you will find on this blog, you will learn how to choose a ring or choose a bracelet.

How to choose the right jewellery?

The world of beauty and fashion has codes that help to identify different types of personalities according to their shapes. There are 7 shapes of reference to the silhouette such as the circle, the square, the high rectangle, the wide rectangle, the high triangle, the low triangle and the diamond. Each of them is related to specific features of a woman's personality. The circle is linked to the round figures for a personality that seeks emotional and moral security. In this case you choose a round pearl necklace and the round rings are the main bohemian jewels of her jewellery box. A square-shaped appearance expresses a personality seeking stability and innovation. The ring will preferably be prominent and the pearl necklace often overlooked. The shape of the high rectangle calls for an energetic and witty personality.more about choosing your pearls.

How to choose the colour of your jewellery?

The jewels will be chosen in purple or red in a rectangular shape. The wide rectangle shape is the sign of a sensitive personality but often masked by a harsh appearance. The jewels are rectangular in yellow or gold colour. The high triangle shape is the sign of a very creative personality. Trendy jewellery is chosen for its originality and asymmetry. And why learn how to choose your handbag? Thanks to costume jewellery there are a multitude of styles of women's colourful jewellery, each one original, as well as a very wide choice of colours. You will finally be able to find the perfect piece of jewellery that suits your style and complexion! Learn more about wearing a choker. The gold and silver metals are timeless, they are always at the top of the trends and you can wear them at every moment of your life and with every look... Whatever your age and style, they are suitable for all women as long as you don't combine them together. In the new fashionable materials you have to keep leather in mind and wooden jewellery is more and more fashionable. You can find these finely worked materials in small jewellery designers or even in ethnic and exotic jewellery. These are materials that combine very well with copper or silver. Which necklace with dress which collar?
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