Dare the sequin jacket for the festive season!

If the sequin jacket is already a must-have for the evenings, it is now invited during the Christmas and New Year celebrations to allow you to end the year in style. Thanks to the shiny effects it provides, the sequin jacket is the perfect complement to the ambience of brightly-lit parties such as Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations. However, since it is made of small metal discs, the sequin jacket is quite sharp. It must be chosen meticulously and well matched to the clothing and devices that go with it.

Adopting the sequin jacket for the festive season

The festive season is the ideal time to dare to wear a sequin jacket. It is a rather complex piece to wear as it must be in perfect harmony with the rest of your style. Plain coloured clothes with a flared fabric are to be preferred for this type of jacket. As for the shoes, the choice must also be meticulously made. You can choose between pumps, boots or even sneakers for an original look. Whether you have opted for a dress or a two-piece suit, look no further and check the iroparis.com/ shoes' website to find suitable items for your feet!

Choosing the right sequin jacket: beware of cheap plastics!

Previously hand-embroidered and made of coins, sequin clothes were expensive. Thanks to the revolution in industrial techniques, several models at much more affordable prices are now swarming across the market. But this also implies the existence of cheap plastic sequins. The sequin jacket must be quite heavy with the small metal discs sewn into the centre. In order to keep a classy look, it is strongly recommended not to opt for the cheap models with plastic discs that can be unsewn quite easily. The cut of the jacket should also be chosen according to your silhouette. The loose sequin jacket is ideal for a dressy or casual style.

Tips on how to wear the sequin jacket properly

For a successful and elegant glittering look for the festive season, harmonise your whole look with the sequin jacket. The last thing you should not do is to dress in a sequin from head to toe! Opt for a top with sleeves that tuck into your jacket to avoid a puffy look at the sleeves. If you don't want to worry about this, a dress or a top with short sleeves are ideal alternatives. To complete your look, opt for either a choker or a fi bracelet, but not both at the same time. So, in order to succeed in your style with the sequin jacket, a good balance of clothes and shoes is essential.
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