The benefits of chocolate: an excellent food for your health

Is chocolate good for your health? We are regularly asked this question. The answer will make you happy. In addition to being delicious, chocolate is a food with many virtues. Good for the heart, the memory, the skin or the libido, this delicacy never ceases to surprise us! Here we tell you all about the benefits of chocolate.

An excellent food for cerebral activity

Everybody knows chocolate and most of the world's consumers love it. Today, American scientists have observed that chocolate would be good for attention. A study, published in the journal NeuroRegulation, came out in 2015 to show the benefits of dark chocolate on the human brain and in particular on brain activity after consumption. 122 participants were led to taste chocolate, but not just any chocolate: chocolate composed of 60% cocoa and theanine. Aged between 18 and 25 years old, the participants' results show an increase in activity in the attention zone in the brain. This activity appeared almost instantly after ingesting this cocoa-based preparation. The measurement was taken with the help of electroencephalograms and it is thanks to this technique that the researchers observed the increase in the electrical activity of the brain. The study also showed that the blood pressure of the participants decreased when they ate the dark chocolate. More and more people in advanced age generally suffer from memory loss. A small square of chocolate eaten from time to time is enough to refresh the brain. The flavonols in the cocoa beans have the ability to stimulate cognitive function. If you have problems concentrating, eat dark chocolate!

Embellishes and protects the skin

Chocolate contains vitamin E but also flavonoids. These elements that we ingest at the same time as a few small squares of chocolate have the gift of tightening and toning the skin, but also of slowing down ageing, boosting hydration and reinforcing the skin's protection against the sun's rays. If you are afraid of wrinkles, you can prevent them by occasionally eating chocolate squares. Chocolate squares contain catechin, which, as an oxidant, can help you keep your body dynamic.

Compatible with a diet

For many people, chocolate is often associated with weight gain. However, the logic of dietetics contradicts this statement: as with all foods, it is excess consumption that can lead to obvious weight gain. On average, the French consume one to two squares of chocolate per day, which is precisely the dose in which only the virtues of chocolate are taken and not the bad things about the hip circumference.

Ideal to stimulate desire in your couple

The phenylethylamines contained in the chocolate molecules are a real boost to your libido. Indeed, they will stimulate the secretion of dopamine, the hormone of happiness and pleasure. This neurotransmitter can also be produced by physical and sporting activity or sleep. It is also an excellent anti-stress, which helps to combat depression and dark thoughts. Indulge your taste buds and your body with our range of chocolates. More and more scientific studies show that chocolate is much more than just a food for gourmets. Indeed, thanks to these studies, we can conclude that the virtues of chocolate are very real, provided that it is consumed in moderation. On our online chocolate shop, we offer high quality chocolates to meet all your expectations. We recommend our dark chocolate for the occasion. Assortments of our finest products are also available for those of you with a sweet tooth.
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