When to offer chocolate?

Throughout the year, there are a number of occasions to offer chocolate. Traditionally, this is the case during festivities such as Easter, when a small chocolate bunny offered for a snack brings joy to children, or Valentine's Day, when your companion is delighted to enjoy chocolate delights with your partner. And of course, offering a box of chocolate often rhymes with Christmas, this time of the year which would not be what it is without its boxes offered under the tree. On these occasions, master chocolate makers compete in ingenuity to offer original, top-of-the-range chocolates.

Sending chocolate at every moment

However, and fortunately for great chocolate lovers, chocolate is not reserved for these occasions alone. At any time, you can choose to spoil your loved ones by sending them an original, quality chocolate that will give them a big smile for a moment. To offer chocolate to a loved one, all you have to do is place an order on our website and choose to fill in the delivery address of the lucky person(s) when filling in the delivery address. Birthday, thank you, but also get well or just for fun, you can offer chocolate for 1001 pretexts. And what a delight every time!

Surprise with chocolate

In the end, it is precisely on these less expected occasions that offering chocolate will be most enjoyable. Indeed, at Christmas, everyone waits for their boxes of chocolate without surprise, thinking of the sales problems they will have if they crack too much. What's worse, in the multitude, people don't even pay attention anymore between the original high-quality chocolates bought from an online chocolate shop and any products from supermarkets. By offering chocolate at another time of the year, you can be sure that it will be consumed with delight, really savouring the flavours that it releases and the "thank you" that you will receive in exchange will be given with real conviction.

Why offer chocolate for delivery?

As a true representative of delicacy, but also possessing a touch of luxury and sensuality, chocolate is a more personal gift than you might think. Isn't flattering someone's taste buds already a way of seducing them, of winning their attention? Offering chocolate to your loved one is therefore allowed and recommended, from January to the end of December, any time you feel like it. For other loved ones, it is a sweet and original way to make them understand that you care about them. Taking advantage of the Internet to offer chocolate via delivery is ideal. This way you can spoil relatives who, unfortunately, do not live next door to you. In addition, receiving a small packet of chocolates when you least expect it always makes an impression. Imagine the scene, you open your monthly bills, sigh at the idea of paying them and underneath, your postman has dropped off a package you weren't expecting. You open it and exquisite chocolate bars are offered to you. What a pleasant scene, isn't it?

Original creations to change habits

The chocolate maker Castelanne is constantly working to renew its products. In addition to traditional recipes, he regularly offers original chocolates. Strong or soft, fruity or original, chocolate provokes different sensations that will allow everyone to discover or rediscover the true values of chocolate. If, after all these arguments, you are still not convinced that offering chocolate at any time of the year is a good idea, we no longer know what to tell you. If you do, please visit the various sections of our website. By looking at our various recipes and reading the compositions, you will be travelling in a dream where greed is not a sin, but a duty!

Turn every moment into a minute of pleasure

Whatever the occasion, offering chocolates is a great idea and will satisfy the recipient for sure! The concern is to choose the right chocolates to provide even more intense pleasure. Whether it is to offer chocolate to your grandparents, your parents, for a wedding anniversary, a family event, for Christmas, your lover, your lover's lover, your friends... there are plenty of occasions to bring a unique tasting into the mouths!
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