Buying chocolate online: 8 reasons to do so

E-commerce has been adopted by French households for several years now. However, when the time comes to buy perishable goods such as chocolate, there is real hesitation. Here are 8 arguments that will eliminate your doubts and convince you to order chocolate online.

Selling chocolate online: guaranteed quality

Chocolate is often purchased in supermarkets. But even when you select the best bars from the shelf, you will never match the quality offered by a top-of-the-range chocolate house. Artisan chocolatiers work with passion for the product and multiply the hours to find the ideal recipe. If you really love chocolate, you should definitely choose the exquisite taste of a few squares rather than two cheap bars.

Chocolate delivered directly to your home

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a master chocolate maker on their street. Thanks to online chocolate sales, you are always just a few clicks away from receiving a quality product. Order on the Castelanne website and you will receive your chocolate parcel within a few days.

A secure chocolate delivery

Since a chocolate professional loves his product, he does everything possible to ensure that it is transported without breakage. All the necessary protections are put in place so that the parcel arrives to its recipient undamaged. To further limit the risks, order chocolate bars or confectionery boxes.

Offering chocolate to a loved one

With online chocolate, you have the possibility to deliver the chocolate to the place of your choice. This feature is ideal for spoiling your loved ones on birthdays or other special events. Out of sight, but always closer to the heart with a chocolate gift!

An impressive variety of chocolates

On the website of an online chocolatier, you will find an impressive choice. White chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, all varieties are processed in different ways. Browse through the different categories to find out what's available. In just a few minutes you will already be salivating at the idea of a tasting.

The Christmas chocolate crowd

French customs are superb. Several times a year (Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas) we buy chocolate as a gift. Unfortunately, this habit has a harmful consequence; everyone does their shopping at the same time! If, like most people, you hate the idea of waiting an hour at your local chocolate maker's, consider buying online. You can make your selection from the comfort of your own home, without stress or irritation, and compare the various products available at your leisure.

A chocolate order to limit yourself

The love of chocolate can provoke madness. Who, when going shopping, has never left with several unplanned bars? By getting into the habit of buying your chocolate online, you can regulate your greediness. Every month or every quarter, plan the perfect quantity to keep your figure in shape without restricting yourself completely and proceed with the order.

Your chocolatier will accompany you everywhere

Are you a native of Nantes or were you lucky enough to come and visit our charming town and a devouring passion for the chocolates of the House of Castelanne was born? Rest assured, this is quite common in the region. Thanks to our online chocolate shop, you can now enjoy our know-how everywhere and, even better, share it with your discovery.
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