How to store chocolate in the summer?

With the return of sunshine and heat in summer, chocolates melt very quickly. It is then necessary to pay attention to several important points to be able to keep them as long as possible. Here are some valuable tips on how to store chocolate.

Waiting too long is not recommended

Chocolate is designed to be consumed quickly. Don't wait too long, as there is a risk of spoilage despite all your precautions. When you eat it, do so in a cool, shady place. If you eat it in full sunlight, bite it quickly so that it does not drip with heat. Pay attention to the Best Before Date (BFL) to fully enjoy the flavour and aroma of the chocolate. By ordering in our shop you will receive delicious chocolates quickly and directly at home.

Fridge to avoid in the first place

Avoid keeping a chocolate bar or box of chocolates in your refrigerator. At first glance, this is unthinkable, but the fridge will help to alter the taste of the cocoa and eliminate the aroma. The best solution is to keep it in a cool cupboard away from heat and air. The chocolate will keep better from this amni_re and its taste will remain intact during tasting.

Place at less than 25 degrees

The chocolate melts under the sun's rays and strong exposure to light. It has been designed to remain compact. The temperature for optimal storage of chocolate should be below 25 degrees. At this level, you can nap, work or pick up your children from school in peace and quiet. It is best to have a thermometer at home to check the room temperature. The best solution is to use an air conditioner. You need to be even more careful with milk chocolate because it contains more cocoa butter than dark chocolate. It is more sensitive to exposure to heat.

Usefulness of the isothermal bag

It may be necessary to carry some chocolate with you when travelling outside in temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. In this case, we recommend that you put it in a cool bag or wrap it in aluminium foil. Our cool bags are specially designed for this type of situation and hold the chocolate perfectly. A momentary bout of fatigue or intense brain activity? Fill up with a little chocolate and treat yourself without feeling guilty. Chocolate is not as bad as you might think. It may even be a reflection of your personality.

Your preferences describe your personality

An American psychologist discovered through a study that our preferences for chocolate would allow us to better understand our personality. There are two types of factors that are taken into account if we want to detect your personality traits when basing ourselves on chocolate. Firstly, the shape of the chocolate. For example, if the chocolate you prefer is round, you are an outgoing person. If the chocolate is rectangular, you are more of a protective person. If you are fond of triangular chocolate, you have a dynamic personality. The second factor that comes into play is the type of chocolate. Among the types of chocolate we find of course milk, dark white and bitter chocolate. If you choose white chocolate, you are indecisive and have difficulty making decisions. If you lean more towards milk chocolate, you are nostalgic. Conversely, if you love dark chocolate, you are a person of the present and the future and you love art.
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